Discover the story behind our company

julie_bw.jpgHi, my name is Julie! Most people think that window cleaning is a strange career choice for me, after all who leaves school wanting to be a window cleaner? But let me tell you exactly why I wanted to create the vue window cleaning service.

It all started when I bought my first home. I was a busy career woman with very little spare time, but I have always been passionate about my home. I love the warm feeling I get when my home is clean and bright. It makes me feel relaxed and proud when people visit and compliment me on my efforts.

But, cleaning my windows was something that I struggled to find the time to do. I knew I needed a window cleaner, but I found that many didn't even know why I wanted a window cleaner in the first place and none took real pride in their work. They didn't realise the pride I took in my home, how I paid attention to the detail and how good I felt when the job was done right.

So, I decided that it was time to make a change. I imagined how relaxed I would feel if I could find a person that cleaned my windows with care and with real pride. I began to get passionate about my new project and started to craft the perfect window cleaning service. A service that truly delivered its promise, and knew what that service really means to its clients.

This is why I am proud to offer you a service that:

  • gives you the opportunity to try the service before you decide, so that you can experience that feeling of pride and satisfaction before you make a decision
  • makes it easy for you to set up the service via the internet or telephone
  • thanks you for putting your trust in me by providing you with a free deep clean of your frames and a free interior glass care kit!
  • makes sure that you feel in control of the service, by keeping you informed of due dates and payment schedules
  • ensures that you never feel abandoned by us, by always keeping in touch via email and phone.

I don't want you to ever have to feel as embarrassed as I did when friends would visit my home and look through my windows. I realise that all you want is to be able to relax knowing that my operators have truly taken pride in what they do and cared for your home the way you would like.