Get Your Interior Glass Care Kit

Truly enjoy your windows from the inside out…

Your interior glass care kit can be used on many surfaces over the home.  However, once you have had your windows cleaned by one of our operators, you will probably want to learn how to make your glass sparkle on the inside as well as the outside.

Here’s some guidelines to help you get the most out of your interior glass care kit and some extra tips:

  • When using your interior glass care kit, it is always good to use your premium glass microfibre cloth.  These glass microfibres are wound much tighter than normal cloths and make it much easier to clean the surface of your glass. 
  • Apply the solution evenly with even trigger pulls.  Spray the solution on the glass and a little on the microfibre to make it easier to use.  Gently wipe the glass surface with the microfibre cloth until the solution evaporates.  Now stand back and admire the brilliant results

The interior glass care solution is handy to use on the following surfaces, if you find any other uses for your kit, please email us and we will add your comments to this page: 

  • Car windows
  • Inside of car doors
  • Mirrors
  • Shower screens
  • Stainless steel surfaces
  •  Marble sufaces
  • Plastic surfaces
  • Oven doors

Purchase your Interior Glass Care Kit for only £19.99